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Our Most Popular Loans.

Not all small businesses are the same, so why should your lending options be? Choose the right loan for your business. Ask our loan specialist for even more options.

Terms Loan

Long Term Lending

5 to 7 years program with low monthly payments. Also, can be used as a business start-up loan. Co-signers able.


Line of Credit

Revolving term (keep open forever) interest as low as 4.8%. Up to $250k. Low monthly payment. FICO of 600 and up.

Cash Advance

Working Capital

Funding in as little as 24 hours. Low daily or weekly payments. Able to re-new in months.

We also offer SBA 504, SBA 7A, SBA Express, 401(k) Financing, Commercial Construction, Purchase Order, and Invoice Factoring Loans.

3 Easy Steps To Funding

01. Complete our application

Our application is very easy and straight to the point. It only takes few minutes to complete.

02. Schedule a strategy call

Have a loan specialist answer any questions you have and review your file.

03. Choose your loan type

Once you’ve chosen your loan type, receive funding in under 48 hours.


Let’s get you approved

If you meet these 3 minimum requirements, we may be a great fit for your business.

In business for over 3 months or more.

Personal FICO score over 550

Deposit over $8k a month in your business bank account

Although it is rare, there are some industries we cannot service. But like everything in life, there are always exceptions. Give us a call and talk to one of our loan advisors and see if you are on the restricted list.

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Small Business Loan Specialist

Online doesn’t have to mean automated. With Pennington Consulting Group, you will work with your own Loan Specialist. Who will help you find the right Small Business Loan.

Michael Herd

The best thing that I could have done was linked up with Mr. Brian Otieno with Pennington Consulting Group, this guy is professional and most definitely knows his work. My Credit Score was Tremendously Horrible, working with Brian I got a lot of negative items removed from my report, made a big leap on my credit scores in a timely manner and the progress we made was very efficient, quicker than I expected and I will be purchasing a house very soon. I highly recommend Brian and Pennington Consulting Group for your Financial and Credit needs you will not be disappointed

Donna Eason

Brian and Micah are a pleasure to work with. Excellent and professional customer service and they answer their phone and/or email promptly. With their expertise, they made getting funding for my project easy with successful results! I highly recommend their services to any business needing funding!

Nahom Tee

Pennington Consulting Group raised my credit score in less than 28 days. I had a delight working with the team lead, Brian. He is able to establish a principle, and suggest what needs to be done to achieve success. His analysis is always accurate and original. Always succeeds in explaining and communicating clearly. I got emails and calls updating me on progress. Always assured and confident in their work and it is my absolute pleasure to work with them.

Anthony Devine

The Consultant’s at Pennington Consulting Group have a unique way of applying their Knowledge, Expertise, and passion in a way that has had an incredible impact on those fortunate to work with them. Trying to navigate today’s business environment requires strategic consultants such as The Consultants at Pennington Consulting Group to persevere and stay strong.

Norlito Sacro

I highly recommend Pennington Consulting Group as a very trustworthy business consulting Firm. I learned to respect my Consultant as we worked together to a satisfactory resolution of my case. They are very knowledgeable and never failed to follow up if I have some questions along the way.

Joe Bielski III

Pennington Consulting Group is the only firm that I use and recommend to my own clients because of their outstanding service in Credit Consultation and Business Capital funding source. Not only are their services delivered in a professional manner, the rates are very reasonable. I highly recommend this company.

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